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Show us your Washington Spirit Pride and join an army of dedicated, passionate fans!

Become a Spirit Ambassador Today!

Are you a passionate Washington Spirit fan who loves attending games and supporting our team? If there was a simple, quick, no maintenance, no cost way to help dramatically improve the awareness of the Spirit and Spirit Events would you be interested in helping? If so join us for a unique opportunity to become an online Spirit Ambassador!  

What's a Spirit Ambassador?

 The purpose of the Spirit Ambassador group is to leverage the passion and social engagement of our fans to amplify and spread the word online about Spirit games and events to grow our team awareness and develop an even larger army of dedicated Washington Spirit fans. 

What does a Spirit Ambassador do?

The Ambassadors concept is pretty simple. Ambassadors are people who agree to help raise the awareness of the team and sport. Ambassadors will have that platform by joining the Private Facebook Group called SpiritAmbassadors. 

The Spirit will post content on our page as we normally do. For a reasonable number of those posts we will also post a note with a link on the Spirit Ambassadors group page with a couple of quick asks. Ambassadors will click on the link, Comment on, Like and Share the post. Those activities will raise the relevance and interactions that Facebook’s algorithm sees dramatically increasing the number of people it gets presented to.  

Comments and Shares are especially important!

When we post something on the Ambassadors Group Page you should get a notification through your Facebook account. We will also email and text you since FB doesn’t seem to notify everyone in the group. You should be able to click the Link in the Ambassador Group Page Post that will take you to the Post on the Spirit page, where you will post a comment, like it and then share it on your timelines in a matter of seconds.

We’ll make everything easy for you and tell you exactly what to do for each post. It will only take a few seconds of your time. You'll simply keep an eye out for notifications or check the Ambassadors Group whenever you’re already on Facebook.  

Why become a Spirit Ambassador?

The Spirit Ambassador program was created to dramatically increase our ability to amplify the number of people we are reaching through social media.  

We are constantly asked by a core of the fans what they can do to help the team. This is something that our most ardent fans can do that will take seconds of their time, but is extremely well leveraged for the Spirit and the future of Women’s Professional Soccer. 

Even though tens of thousands of people have liked and followed our page, only a small fraction actually see what we post (2-5%). Even when we pay to boost the post, we still only get to a fraction of our followers (5-10%).  

In the inital testing we've started in the Spirit Ambassadors Group, we've already seen a dramatic improvement in reach with only a handful of people doing this.  

If we can grow the ambassadors group in the hundreds or thousands of people, the increase in awareness and support for the women will be incredible.

If you are interested in helping the Washington Spirit, this is something you want to be apart of!


How do I become a Spirit Ambassador?

Click the button below to fill out a pop-up contact information form. When you submit the contact information form, you will be automatically be redirected to the SpiritAmbassadors Facebook Group where you need to request to join the group!